Event Round-Up, October

November 12th, 2018

Glenelg HS Homecoming Game -Columbia 10/12/18

Big school but very nice accommodations in a large music room given water and pizza leftover still warm. After a quick brief about what was going to be our strategic insertion into the halftime show. We suited up and headed down to the field. Waving and pictures on the way. (Did get I love you Darth Vader) We lined up waiting for our cue. Then it happen we walked 3 paces onto the field turned and waved after halftime we mingled with the younglings for pictures on the track and in front of the stands. Luckily we had a squire and helmet free to wander in the dark. Returned to the music room dekitted and walked out together. I believe the FB team won as well.

– Total Number of hours worked: 3
Photos and smiles and a bunch high fives
Photos submitted to PR email.

OLG Troopers: (List troopers in alphabetical order by first name)

John Aiken – TI 181st
Brian Aiken – ID
James Combes- TI
Stephanie Combes- Mara
Thomas windebank- TK
Jason Lizek- ID
Other Garrison/Group Troopers:
Liz Fitch RL?
Galactic Academy:

Squires. Jeanne Aiken


HCPL Comic Con – Bel Air 10/20/18

We arrived at the location and we’re led to our secure changing area by our event host. Our area was stocked with water and cookies which was nice. We suited up and began our patrol of the premises. Upon reaching the main part of the library, we stumbled upon a costume contest for kids. It was refreshing to see some children dressed as First Order Stormtroopers as well as one pint-sized Kylo Ren. After the contest, we hung around and took photos with the guests, patrolled the main entrance and interacted with the staff who had tables set up. We were then invited up for pizza in the break room by the library staff. Several of our troopers took a quick break for lunch before returning to duty. After a few hours, we retired to the changing area to return to our civilian clothes and exit the location.

Total hours: 6
Total Money : $0

OLG Troopers:
Bryan White – TI
Jeremy Bender – DS
Jesse Pollock – TS
Kyle Gainey – DZ
Pat Vetrone – BH

Galactic Acadamy:
Niko Loucas – CTB
Connor – Jawa
Jake Bender – Jawa


Breathe Deep Baltimore Walk – Baltimore 10/6/18

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

A pleasant break from the heat to support a very important cause!

The troops arrived at the VIP parking lot and donned their gear at the vehicles. Vendors were setup with tables in the shadow of Camden Yards in a very nice area lined with trees facing the Baltimore Ravens stadium. As participants began to arrive and check-in, we greeted them with high fives and fist bumps. Several small children slowly warmed to the Empire’s protective presence. The Baltimore Orioles mascot came out and joined us for photos. After a rousing opening ceremony, we cheered the walkers as they headed out from the starting line.

Total Number of hours worked: 3 hours

Money Raised: No money raised, but spirits were certainly lifted

Bill Ralph – TK
Charlie Mann – TI
Jesse Pollock, III – DZ
Melissa Ralph – TI
Warren Markert – TA

Old Line Galactic Academy
Delaney Markert – BH


Star Wars Reads Day – Severna Park 10/13/18


The library was very gracious and shared their employee break room for the Empire to change into gear. The library wanted to ensure maximum energy levels for the troopers, and provided 3 dozen donuts so personnel could carb up. The garrison marched into the public library space shortly after 1100 hours, and greeted the many wide eyed visitors. An Imperial officer introduced the many different ways to serve in the Empire, and reminded the galactic citizens that in spite of what they may have read and seen in the obviously slanted historical documents, the Empire is the rightfully “elected” government. The garrison then patrolled the library, posing for pictures with the delighted patrons, and participated in arts and crafts. Around 1300 hours, the troopers were recalled to the Imperial shuttle and were extracted from the landing zone.

Total Number of hours worked: 2 hours

Money Raised: No money raised, but spirits were certainly lifted

Bill Thomas – IG
Charlie Mann – ID
Cheryl Thomas – ID
Christopher Hecht – CC
Corey DiPietro – TD
Dylan Zierle – TR
Eric Disney – TK
James Combes – TI
Jason Lyzek – ID
Jesse Pollock, III – DZ
Nick Dinko – TK
Ryan Dassing – TI
Stephanie Combes – DS
Thomas Windebank – TK
Thomas Wyatt – TK

Mandalorian Mercenaries
Nikki Webb
Shiloh Bernstein

Old Line Galactic Academy
Oliver Dassing – DS


Giffords Fall Fest – Rising Sun 10/06/18

Arrived shortly after noon, met up with event coordinator whom said changing area was sane as day before . Barn area in the back . Once suited up , came out and mingled with fans/people , smiles were wide and most had no idea what character or who I was period haha, had a few immediately run up for high fives and hugs , most young kids were real skiddish of me and unsure if I was good or bad lol , needed a lot of reassurance but once they knew I was a ‘good ‘ guy then they opened up a little more . The crowd was not as nearly as big as the day before but still a great day. A few of the kids ran up and said ‘ do the roar ! ‘ and jumped up and down after hearing it , took photos with those whom were willing ( haha ) and as the event winded down , thanked the coordinator for having us out and look forward to any future events !

Time: 2 hours

Troopers : DZ-Kyle Gainey




Event Round-Up, September

October 8th, 2018

9/30/18 Fired Up for Childhood Cancer Awareness – Glen Burnie

An annual event arranged by Anne Arundel County Firefighters to raise money for The Children’s Cancer Foundation. This is the second year Old Line Garrison (OLG) has supported this event and hope to see its continued growth.

Prior to arrival a Facebook Messenger group was created for all to coordinate arrivals. This worked well to precoordinate prior to event arrival. Troopers began to arrive at 1030 Local. Event lead made contact with the POC shortly after his arrival. Troopers were provided with a trailer to change and congregate. With the number of Troopers and size of the trailer most Troopers came in partial kit and/or changed quickly next to our transports. The trailer was reserved for those needing more time and help to kit up. This was precoordinated after reconnaissance from Garrison Command. Event organizers provided Troopers with water throughout the event and delivered lunch provided by Mission BBQ.

Troopers were in gear at approximately 1155 at which time we took the group photo provided to Garrison PR. We then roamed the event for photo opportunities interacting with the crowd and the first responders present at the event.

The main issue today was the ambient temperature. Troopers used the trailer and provided water to stay hydrated as best we could.

Troopers began to depart around 1500. Event lead departed at 1559.

– Total Number of hours worked: 4 Hours
– Money Raised (if doing BAT/Auction/etc): N/A
– Photos Submitted to Garrison PR. Official photo courtesy of Kirk Douglass.

1) Jeremy Bender, Kylo Ren DS-81381
2) James Combes, TIE Pilot TI-6089
3) Stephanie Combes, Mara Jade DS-42377
4) Ryan Dassing, TIE Pilot TI-89999
5) Nick Dinko, Stormtrooper TK-26621
6) Kirk Douglass, Scout Trooper TB-50672
7) Phil Gastilo, Dengar BH-50116
8 ) Rob Heck, Sandtrooper TD-10596
9) Charlie Mann, TIE Pilot TI-386
10) Michael Perkins, TIE Pilot TI-10114
11) Jesse Pollock, Tusken Raider DZ-71507
12) Charles Singer, FO TIE Pilot TI-2272
13) Cheryl Thomas, TIE Reserve TI-252297
14) Bill Thomas, AT-ST Driver IS-24558
15) Pat Vetrone, Boba Fett BH-63079
16) Linda Ward, TIE Reserve TI-62216
17) Randy Ward, TIE Pilot TI-62494
18) Tom Wyatt, Stormtrooper TK-52463
19) Dylan Zierle, Sandtrooper TD-58019

Other Garrison/Group Troopers
1) Joe Forsythe, Rebel Legion Solo: A Star Wars Story Han Solo
2) Eric Teneza, Rebel Legion Baze Malbus
3) Charles Wright, Rebel Legion Baron Soontir Fel

Galactic Academy
1) Jake Bender, Jawa
2) Oliver Dassing, Pretorian Guard
3) Kiera Perkins, Officer
4) Connor Vetrone, Jawa

1) Dan Dinko
2) Lisa Dinko
3) Jonathan Hoiles
4) Bryan White


9/22/18 Bester Community Of Hope Block Party – Hagerstown

Bester Community of Hope is located in the Washington County school district of Hagerstown MD. This event will be our third annual Block party. Each block party has been bigger and better with over a thousand attendees the first year; and around 2000 attendees last year. It is a community event designed to bring community resources together under one big tent or one big field, with the families and children of the community. In addition to our core mission, we provide music, games and fun–top notch entertainment, and we try to bring a learning element together to support our neighborhood families and children.
The Fall Block Party is one of about three signature events that Bester Community of Hope does in the community for the community. We look forward to hearing from you and working out any details. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Referred by: Our Executive Director Keith Fanjoy is the first one to hear of you guys. He may have caught a performance in West Virginia–(He is an alum of Shepard University and CEO of San Mar Home of Boonsboro, MD) of which Bester Community of Hope is an Initiative created to serve the under-served needs of children and families, of the Bester school area. (The most needy and impoverished district in our area–and the most grateful). And we strive to strengthen families and support communities, so they can in turn be more supportive of children and families in their district and eventually we hope city-wide and state-wide. We also welcome partners to work with and we would love to work with you.

Suggested Arrival Time is 60 minutes before the event Start Time.

Other 501st Garrisons, the Rebel Legion, the Mandalorian Mercenaries Costuming Club, and R2DC are welcome to attend.

OLG Troopers:
Jess Wedlock – TK
Jacob Stottlemyer – TK


9/22/18 Donate Life Famly Fun Run 5K – Baltimore

We arrived promptly at 7:15am and checked in with our host. We were already in kit, so we immediately began mingling with the crowd. 5K runs are always full of excitement and people who love to see the costumed characters who have come out to cheer them on – this event was no exception. We stood for many photos and wished all the runners luck before the race. We ran into a number of local sports-teams’ mascots. Each one of them thought it was funny to pantomime a lightsaber. We played into it and explained, “your imaginary lightsaber doesn’t stand a chance against a blast from our imaginary Death Star!” The mascots all reacted in mock defeat. The crowd loved it.

As the runners lined up to begin, we positioned ourselves along the course’s edge and offered high-fives to the runners as they ran passed. We knew this was a good crowd when several runners went past, turned around, and came back for a high-five before picking up their pace back into the run. We waited for the runners to return and cheered them to a great finish.

This event also sponsors a 1K walk; we will very likely be back next year and register to walk in kit.

– Total Number of hours worked: 3

– Photos: at the conclusion of the event, we realized we had only taken 1 lousy selfie. No photos for PR

Troopers: (List troopers in alphabetical order)

Bill Thomas – IS
Cheryl Thomas – TI


9/30/18 Children’s Inn Motorcycle Show – Bethesda

Security was a little tighter than with past events, so we were slightly delayed. The Children’s Inn has adapted to their damaged roof by shifting rooms and staff offices and moving the front entrance. We met up with our host who was excited to have us and mentioned that they can always count on us when we are invited. We also made the offer to help in a non-costumed capacity if they have any more moving or recovery from the roof damage. We got ready in the arts and crafts room, where they usually station us. The room has been halved in order to accommodate some makeshift office space but it is still spacious and comfortable. Once we were ready, we headed out to where a couple dozen motorcycles were parked by the entrance. Children and adults were thrilled at our presence and we posed for several photos. Several of the bikers were impressed by TI-13621’s Imperial-issue gauntlets and remarked that they would be good for riding. Only a few younglings were afraid to take advantage of the photo op and maintained a safe but friendly distance. After about an hour and a half, the event began to wind down and several of the bikers headed out. We took that opportunity to visit with the security guards and pose for a few more photos. When we re-entered the building, a youngling named Tyler insisted on taking us upstairs to the dining room, where a few more families took the opportunity to meet us. As we were about to head down, a girl who had been previously too scared to take a picture with us approached us, gave us some shy high-fives and, beaming, posed for several photos. With that, our work was done and we headed down to change and depart.

– Total Number of hours worked: 2

Melissa Ralph
William Ralph




9/22/18 The National Symphony Orchestra Season Opening Gala – DC

Troopers arrived before 4pm in Kennedy Center parking garage. No issues with using provided parking vouchers.
Proceeded upstairs to Lobby level and then thru Hall of States to outside entrance to Eisenhower stage. There met POC, Megs Cikara,
she showed us to our very nice dressing rooms with toilet and shower. There wasnt any bottled water provided but there was a filtered
water cooler in the hallway and in the green room. There was coffee there too. We suited up by 5:15pm and was escorted down to the outdoor
balcony where the cocktail hour was held until 7pm. The reception was 100% Black Tie/Dress Gown event. Very posh! TK 2918 and 92785 paired
off to mingle and take pictures with guests. TK 50116 and 76827 did the same in an alternate circular path around the balcony. Our new POC
and escort Genevieve retrieved us just before 7pm and escorted us back down to our dressing rooms. We kitted down and were shown the Canteen,
employee chow hall, where we were nicely treated with meal vouchers which basically covered the entire meal for FREE! TK 2918 and 92785 headed
back to the dressing rooms to get suited back up to be the Stormtroopers On Guard at the entrance of the dinner&dance after the concert. This
took place from 8:30-9pm. After that, TK 2918 and 92785 kitted down and dismissed for the evening. TK 50116 and 76827 suited back up by 10pm
and escorted by another new POC, Ashley, for the dance portion of the evening which lasted until 11pm. Dancing in TK armor is a challenge.
It definitely requires a handler nearby. TK 50116’s thermal detonator got knocked off a few times during the bumping around on the dance floor.
For future reference, in a troop such as this (Black/Tie) our handler was not allowed into the dance venue because he was just dressed in T-shirt
and jeans. Maybe in the future the handler may need to be dressed up, not in a tux but atleast in a suit and tie or evening dress. TK 50116 and
76827 were able to get the crowd onto the dance floor after a couple of songs. But after several songs and guests enjoying a few drinks the dance
floor got rowdy and it was time to go.

– Total Number of hours worked – 6

– Money Raised (if doing BAT/Auction/etc) – N/A

OLG Trooper:
Phil Gastilo – TK 50116

GT Troopers:
Kevin Belling – TK 92785
Gaby Godoy – Fem TK 76827
Brian Robinson – TK 2918

Galactic Academy: none

Henrique Smoco



9/22/18 Greater Baltimore WALK to End Hydrocephalus – Baltimore

We arrived around 7:00 and suited up, getting to the walk site around 7:45. We took photos and gave high-fives. Mary was amazing at drawing out some of the shy children. One little boy was a huge Star Wars fan and was completely overwhelmed by our presence. He couldn’t quite handle photos but started to come out of his shell shock a bit more towards the end. His mother is considering putting in an event request when his birthday comes around. The walk got underway a little after 9:00 and we posted ourselves at the starting line to cheer on the walkers. Once the walk got underway, we posed for a few more photos before the heat became punishing and we headed back to hydrate and de-kit.

– Total Number of hours worked: 2

Kyle Gainey
Melissa Ralph
William Ralph

Visiting Garrison Troopers:
Donna Ratlidge


Galactic Academy:
Mary Ratlidge



9/15/18 LexiCon – Lexington Park

LexiCon is an annual event held by the St. Mary’s County Library System at the Lexington Park, MD branch. A small mixed genre convention in the NAS Patuxent River Area.

Old Line Garrison members present:
-Carlos Ortega, Darth Vader (SL-21046)
-Brian Vetter, Stormtrooper (TK-75053)
-Josh Orr, Shadow Guard (TR-66150)
-Randy Ward, TIE Pilot (TI-62494)

Other Troopers present:
-Linda Ward, Rebel Legion Terrapin Base Jedi Master
-Eric Teneza, Rebel Legion Terrapin Base Baze Malbus

Troopers started to arrive at 1115. Event guests started arriving shortly before 1200. Troopers stayed for the most part near the entrance of the event posing for photo ops. Periodic strolls through the library were performed thorough the day. Almost interaction with fans was in the form of photo ops. Occasionally discussions about our costume construction and the construction of the droid occurred. We were given a small break room for changing and storage. As usual Lord Vader and a Droid present were key attractions. Troopers began to de-kit after 1500 as individual fatigue set in. Event ended at 1600. Final troopers de-kitted and all departed by 1615. Today’s event had all the Troopers who live in the Pax River area present and serving the Empire.

Event lead had discussions with St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department and the Calvert County Library System regarding requesting Troopers to appear at their upcoming events. They were referred to the websites for appearance requests. Suggestion for event leads need to have a handful of Garrison cards with the website address to give out to such inquiries. Today’s event lead did not have any.

The Lexington Park Librarians were very appreciative of the Legions being there and will relay to the other Librarians in the St. Mary’s County Library system about us for future events.

– Total Number of hours worked: 5
– Money Raised (if doing BAT/Auction/etc): N/A
– Photos Submitted to PR via email. Photographer was library event staff who used Jedi Master Linda Ward’s iPhone after taking photos for the library. Permission to share these photos is granted. Event lead will patrol Library Social Media for official photos to be posted.



Event Round-Up, August

September 4th, 2018

8/10/18 U.S. Army Military District of Washington Family Day – D.C.

Troopers arrived at the PAO building around 0930 to suit up and headed across base to the parade field where the event began at 1000. Troopers then patrolled the area until 1200, taking photos and talking with many supporters of the Empire. After dekitting, Troopers headed back out to eat some wonderful BBQ and raided the USO truck for Girl Scout cookies.
– Total Number of hours worked: 2 hours
– Money Raised: N/A
Photos have been submitted to the OLG PR email.

Brian Vetter – TK
Jason Lizek – ID

Other Garrison/Group Troopers:

Galactic Academy:



8/10/18 Aberdeen Iron Birds

Aberdeen provided plenty of cases of chilled water. Jason had purchased many cookies from the bakery but Kate neglected to bring them out of the auto…. It wasnt written on the clipboard list….

Squads/Groups were put together Per Jesse Pollock request. Each group had 1 squire. As the evening went on, some groups merged together and became a larger group. Some troopers sort of mingled with the crowd on their own.

Rebel Legion, Mercs, and Sabre Guild were also in attendance.

MANY fans came over to see us. Photos were taken! Chats were had! We seemed to be very popular with loads of peeps. It is awesome to see so much Star Wars love in one place.

Number of hours worked- We started at 530 and stopped at 830. 3 hours.
Monies raised- No money was raised by us.
Photos- All photos have been sent to PR email.

Troop Lead- Kate Walsh supervised by Jason Pangborn. I could not have done this troop alone. I am not skilled on how to speak to a vendor that doesnt comply with the previously agreed upon/ promised requirements. It was very educational to be able to watch this interface happen in order to file it away for any future challenges.

OLG Troopers:
Andrew Simansky – Clone
Brian Aiken – TK
Chris Bancells – TR
Devin Minnich – TB
Emily Schram – CC
Jason Pangborn – R2
Jeremy Bender – DS
John Aiken – TI
Kyle Gainey – DZ
Pat Vetrone – BH
Ryan Dassing – TI
Thomas Wyatt – TK
Warren Markert – TA

Visiting Garrison Troopers:
Andrew Hall – IG
Andy Wolf – DZ
Craig Staley – DZ
Donna Gillie – TI
Nicholas Hall – IG

Galactic Academy:
Delaney Markert – Boussh
Mary Gillie – TA

David Meickle
Heather Aiken
Jeanne Aiken
John Gainey
Kelly Markert
Rose Boquila


8/4/18 Star Wars Spectacular – Hampstead

  • This was a short event at a small library. I arrived with R2 about 15 minutes before the doors were to open at 10am. Vader was alright there and suiting up. Kate was en route but running behind and then was sent to the wrong location by her GPS so by the time she arrived the troop had wound down to the point that there was no reason for her to put her costume on.
    When the doors opened, about a dozen kids and their parents came in. The library had arranged several tables with Star Wars themed crafts and activities for them to do. And R2 and Vader posed for photos. It stayed rather bust for the first 40 minutes or so, but then started dying down.
    We wrapped up on schedule at 11am
    – NA

    Photos sent to OLG PR

    Brett Canfield – SL
    Jason Pangborn – R2

    Kate Walsh


8/11/18 Washington County Library Comicon – Hagerstown

We were provided with a place to change and store our bins on the lower level in the break room/lounge area. The library also provided us with water, chips, and sandwiches for lunch. James had the table set up and ready to go, and we were stationed on the 2nd floor in the children’s reading area. When the Con officially started at 11am, there was a fairly steady flow of people throughout the day. Troopers posed for countless photos, as well as roamed around the library interacting with fellow con-goers. We also spoke with several folks at the table who would make great recruits–we encouraged them to sign up on the forums. Josh from GC agreed to be one of the judges for the costume contest, and after the winners were selected there was a parade of all participants down the main steps in the center of the library (all TKs looked on safely from above). At the end of the parade, a special shout-out was given to the 501st Legion thanking us for attending. Around 330pm, troopers headed down to the break room to de-kit and then packed up the table. By 4pm we all departed, and headed a few blocks over for some post-troop eats.

– Total Number of hours worked: 5 hours

OLG Troopers:
Brian Jones -TK
Jess Wedlock – TK
Michael Dissinger – TB

OLG Squires:
Arthur Klipp-Lischner

Garrison Corellia:
James Welsh
Josh Fite
Michael Endicott
Scott Stevens