Event Round-Up, November

December 10th, 2018

Let’s Go To the Movies -Towson 11/4/18

we arrived around 2 p.m. and was greeted with the POC with smiles and everyone expressing how much they appreciated us being there. POC escorted us down to our changing area ( bathroom ) , POC proceeded to inform us that we were going on to come out as the key performed their last number, the Star Wars theme and imperial March among a few other favorites. As we Waited , there were a few of the musicians that saw us while they were backstage and excitedly wanted a few photos and told us how ‘ awesome you guys are ! , great looking ! ‘ some more time passed and then finally our moment was upon us ! We were told that they wanted us to line up on each side of the stage with the storm trooper ( Brian ) in the center as they played. People were all smiles and taking photos as we stood on stage as the music played . After the music ended , we were instructed to mingle with the crowd if we could and take photos with everyone that wanted , and exchanged excited laughter and high fives ! huge shout out to Jeanne Aiken , whom was a big help in guiding us around and helping out with the costumes!
– Total Number of hours worked: 1-1.5 hours
– Money Raised : N/A
– Photos to PR email are inbound !


Brian Aiken-TK
Kyle Gainey -DZ
John Aiken-181st TI

Jeanne Aiken


HM Induction of Alex – Baltimore 11/3/18

The Rebel Legion decided to induct a recurring resident of the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore as an Honorary Member of their ranks; they invited the 501st to send an Honor Guard, and both OLG and GT were in attendance. The Emperor himself made an appearance, and introduced one of his apprentices: Darth Maul. The young dark lord is the favorite of inductee. Surrounded by all the Star Wars characters, the Rebel Legion presented him with a Honorary Member Certificate; the Empire is lucky to have such a cunning spy within the ranks of the Rebel Legion. Both the child and his mother were overcome with emotion from the support shown by all the Star Wars groups. GT recorded a brief interview with the young fan, who explained that the Sith Lords were his favorite of all Star Wars characters.



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