Event Round-Up, August

September 4th, 2018

8/10/18 U.S. Army Military District of Washington Family Day – D.C.

Troopers arrived at the PAO building around 0930 to suit up and headed across base to the parade field where the event began at 1000. Troopers then patrolled the area until 1200, taking photos and talking with many supporters of the Empire. After dekitting, Troopers headed back out to eat some wonderful BBQ and raided the USO truck for Girl Scout cookies.
– Total Number of hours worked: 2 hours
– Money Raised: N/A
Photos have been submitted to the OLG PR email.

Brian Vetter – TK
Jason Lizek – ID

Other Garrison/Group Troopers:

Galactic Academy:



8/10/18 Aberdeen Iron Birds

Aberdeen provided plenty of cases of chilled water. Jason had purchased many cookies from the bakery but Kate neglected to bring them out of the auto…. It wasnt written on the clipboard list….

Squads/Groups were put together Per Jesse Pollock request. Each group had 1 squire. As the evening went on, some groups merged together and became a larger group. Some troopers sort of mingled with the crowd on their own.

Rebel Legion, Mercs, and Sabre Guild were also in attendance.

MANY fans came over to see us. Photos were taken! Chats were had! We seemed to be very popular with loads of peeps. It is awesome to see so much Star Wars love in one place.

Number of hours worked- We started at 530 and stopped at 830. 3 hours.
Monies raised- No money was raised by us.
Photos- All photos have been sent to PR email.

Troop Lead- Kate Walsh supervised by Jason Pangborn. I could not have done this troop alone. I am not skilled on how to speak to a vendor that doesnt comply with the previously agreed upon/ promised requirements. It was very educational to be able to watch this interface happen in order to file it away for any future challenges.

OLG Troopers:
Andrew Simansky – Clone
Brian Aiken – TK
Chris Bancells – TR
Devin Minnich – TB
Emily Schram – CC
Jason Pangborn – R2
Jeremy Bender – DS
John Aiken – TI
Kyle Gainey – DZ
Pat Vetrone – BH
Ryan Dassing – TI
Thomas Wyatt – TK
Warren Markert – TA

Visiting Garrison Troopers:
Andrew Hall – IG
Andy Wolf – DZ
Craig Staley – DZ
Donna Gillie – TI
Nicholas Hall – IG

Galactic Academy:
Delaney Markert – Boussh
Mary Gillie – TA

David Meickle
Heather Aiken
Jeanne Aiken
John Gainey
Kelly Markert
Rose Boquila


8/4/18 Star Wars Spectacular – Hampstead

  • This was a short event at a small library. I arrived with R2 about 15 minutes before the doors were to open at 10am. Vader was alright there and suiting up. Kate was en route but running behind and then was sent to the wrong location by her GPS so by the time she arrived the troop had wound down to the point that there was no reason for her to put her costume on.
    When the doors opened, about a dozen kids and their parents came in. The library had arranged several tables with Star Wars themed crafts and activities for them to do. And R2 and Vader posed for photos. It stayed rather bust for the first 40 minutes or so, but then started dying down.
    We wrapped up on schedule at 11am
    – NA

    Photos sent to OLG PR

    Brett Canfield – SL
    Jason Pangborn – R2

    Kate Walsh


8/11/18 Washington County Library Comicon – Hagerstown

We were provided with a place to change and store our bins on the lower level in the break room/lounge area. The library also provided us with water, chips, and sandwiches for lunch. James had the table set up and ready to go, and we were stationed on the 2nd floor in the children’s reading area. When the Con officially started at 11am, there was a fairly steady flow of people throughout the day. Troopers posed for countless photos, as well as roamed around the library interacting with fellow con-goers. We also spoke with several folks at the table who would make great recruits–we encouraged them to sign up on the forums. Josh from GC agreed to be one of the judges for the costume contest, and after the winners were selected there was a parade of all participants down the main steps in the center of the library (all TKs looked on safely from above). At the end of the parade, a special shout-out was given to the 501st Legion thanking us for attending. Around 330pm, troopers headed down to the break room to de-kit and then packed up the table. By 4pm we all departed, and headed a few blocks over for some post-troop eats.

– Total Number of hours worked: 5 hours

OLG Troopers:
Brian Jones -TK
Jess Wedlock – TK
Michael Dissinger – TB

OLG Squires:
Arthur Klipp-Lischner

Garrison Corellia:
James Welsh
Josh Fite
Michael Endicott
Scott Stevens





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