Event Round-Up, June

July 7th, 2018


PrattCon 2018 – Baltimore 6/23/18

The event kicked off at 10 when the library opened. Initial traffic was light, but gradually picked up. We patrolled the branch, spending most of our time downstairs in the children’s area where there was the highest concentration of people. We took plenty of pictures and gave out a lot of high-fives as patrons made crafts, had their faces painted, and listened to stories. Several teens floated in and out of our orbit to talk Star Wars and other topics. There were also table set ups from local comic shops and artists, as well as several Game Trucks outside. We circulated among these vendors, both in and outside, and took a few more pictures. Around noon, we got changed and headed out. The librarians were happy to have us and took good care of us (including parking passes).

– Total Number of hours worked – 2
– Money Raised (if doing BAT/Auction/etc) – $0

OLG Troopers:
Jason Lizek – ID
Chris Bancells – TR

Galactic Academy:
Ryan – DZ


Take Step – DC 6/16/18

At 10:45AM they started there kick off ceremony during this time we took some time in the shade, and posted for some additional pictures, at 11:00AM the walk started we stood at the start line and greeted walkers as they embarked on there 1.3 mile walk along the waterfront towards and around Nationals Stadium. During this time we took a few minutes to hydrate while we waited for the walks to return at 11:45 walks had returned and we greeted them as they return. Once all walks returned wraped up for the day headed back to parking lot to change this was around 12:30PM.

Hours Worked: 3 hours

Funds Raised: $250.00

Event lead:
Stephen Bauchan

OLG troopers:
Stephen Bauchan – BH
James Tate – SL

Natalie Bauchan

Bowie Baysox SW Night – Bowie 6/16/18

We started moving down to the assigned areas at around 5p. This was time frame for us to greet the VIPs and early access fans. There were a lot of photographs taken and many happy interactions with the fans. People were very happy to see us. Shortly after, The gates open to the genpub and we were again very appreciated by everyone that came in contact. The last trooper came up by 815p.

There were a lot of shift changes/breaks taken due to the weather. Our floating squires were offering many of the trooping groups iced bottled water to prevent any downed troopers. Thank you muchly to the squires who were recruited last min- Brandy Collins, Mozell Gant, and Deb Benigni(on loan from Rebel Legion) were awesome with giving out waters and checking on the troops. Thank you muchly to Lisa Dinko and Dan Dinko for stepping up to help by also handing out waters, gathering the TKs, and taking photographs. Ashley Oliver was so fantastic, not only did she squire her group, but floated about to others to make sure all was ok and they were hydrated. Kelly Sherwell was fabulous with being able to go from group to group to make sure all was going smoothly. Thank you to Debbie Wyatt who helped squire on a boo-boo foot! Todd Desgrosseillers and Nishaad Knights were brilliant with their squire skills.

Towards the end of the troop, the 76er Ol Garda made an appearance in the changing room. Photos and video are floating about on FB… I believe they were sent to OLGPR as well.

Total number of hours worked-3.5
monies raised- N/A
Andrew Simansky
Charles Singer
Charles Wright
Christopher Hecht
Clark Oliver
Corey Dipietro
Emily Schram
Jason Lizek
Jay Jorgensen
Jesse J. Pollock
Kate Walsh(lead)
Kelly Brantner
Michael Perkins
Neil Shivelle
Nick Dinko
Pat Vetrone
Robert Boyce
Ryan Dassing
Scott Lyons
Thomas Wyatt
Tim Waites
Tony Federici
Virgil Bauer

Visiting Garrison Troopers- N/A

Ashley Oliver
Brandy Collins
Dan Dinko
Debbie Wyatt
Jason Pangborn
Kelly Sherwell
Lisa Dinko
Mozell Gant
Nishaad Knights
Pat Talbott
Todd Desgrosseilliers

R2 Wrangler- Jason Pangborn

Galactic Academy-
Kiera Perkins


Hagerstown Sunday SW Night – Hagerstown 6/16/18

We mingled at the front gate area for pics before the game. Took several breaks for hydration. Once the game started we did a few rounds through the bleacher areas and concessions .
We sang Happy Birthday to a young man having and party and took more pics with him and his friends.

At the bottom of the 4th inning we all went onto the field near the 1st base line to participate in a hobby horse race between two kids. It was fun.

We suited down after the 5 inning.

Really glad we could help out our neighbors again.

Total number of hours worked – 2.5

Event lead:
James Welsh (substitute for Jess)

OLG Troopers:
Jess Wedlock – (stopped by for a few minutes on her trip back from B-more)

Visiting Garrison Troopers:
James Welsh-TIE Corellia
Sarah Welsh-TD Corellia
Joshua Fite- TIE Corellia
Andrew Fairall – Mando Mercs

Dawn Welsh – Corellia
Heather Fite – Corellia cadet
Brandon Fairall – Mando squire

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