Event Round-up , May

June 6th, 2018

AAPL Comic Con- Odenton 5/12/18

Another exciting Comic Con for the Odenton Public Library! The Empire arrived at the landing zone at 9:30am and setup camp in a secure room at the back of the facility. Imperial troops deployed at 10:00am and wowed the guests with the good will of the Emperor by administering enthusiastic high fives and posing for photos. Some of the smaller galactic citizens were initially intimidated by our strong presence, but soon warmed up to the troops knowing they were safe in the protection of the Empire. The costume parade kicked off at 2:00pm and our troops departed the scene at 2:30pm

5 hours worked
No funds donated to charity

Charles Wright – TI 181st Dress Officer
Charlie Mann – TI
James Combes – TI
Stephanie Combes – DS Mara jade

Rebel Legion:
Derek Lynch – Jedi
Jessie Lynch – Jedi
Thomas Atkinson – Luke Skywalker Tatooine



We arrived at the location and were met by Chuck Andrews, the band’s manager. He led us back to their dressing room where we stored our bins. Around 545pm, we began to suit up and get ready for the patrons. We walked outside and took pics with the fans as well as regular street traffic. The plan was for us to patrol the crowd, take pics, and when the band was about to play “March of the Resistance”, we were to stand in front the barricades and get the crowd pumped. After the show, the band donated signed CD’s for us to use in raffles and charity type fundraisers. All in all, it was a fantastic event. The band and their crew were incredibly nice, and we cannot wait to work with them again.

Charlie Mann – TI
Emily Schram – CC
Jesse Pollock – TS
Robert Metcalf – TI
Tynan Loughran – TK


MTFBWY- Old Ellicott City 5/4/18

Troopers arrived throughout the event, starting at 3:00 pm. Around 4:00 pm, Event lead and POC gave a event briefing asking all troopers to patrol town, help with fundraising and assist with blast a trooper.Everyone came out of the changing room and posed for a group picture, and then went right to work pointing people in town to the courtyard where the event was taking place. Everyone did a wonderful job. At around 8:00 pm is started to rain, so the troopers made a tactical retreat to the changing room.
– 4 hours worked
– $1683 raised for Make a Wish and Voices for Children (50/50)

Bob Buker – TD
Bob Metcalf – TI
Charlie Mann – TI
Jessie Lynch – DZ
Matt Degner – TI
Michael Perkins – TB
Rob Heck – TB
Ryan Dassing – IC
Warren Markert – TA

Galactic Academy
Delaney – Battle Dress Padme
Keira – TB
Lincoln – TK
Olivia – ID
Oliver – TR


Solo Premiere @ The Senator 5/24/18

Troopers started to arrive at 4:00 pm, got dressed and went out at 5 to start patrolling the line of people waiting to see the movie. Handed out high-fives and posed for photos with the guests and police. At 6:30, we did the traditional line up and ushered in everyone. At 7:00 pm we de-kitted, got snacks and drinks and watched Solo! Traffic was really bad and we did not have someone to cover the second showing but Bob M. stepped up and got into kit for the people waiting in line after the movie was over.
– Total Number of hours worked: 2 Hours
– Money Raised: $0
– PR: Photos submitted

Troopers: (List troopers in alphabetical order)
Bob Metcalf (Second Showing) – TI
Chris Bancells – TR
Devin Minnich – TB
Emily Schram – CC
Patrick Talbott – TS
Warren Markert – TA

Galactic Academy
Delaney Markert – BH

– Cassandra Dearborn
– Kelly Market
– Angela Saldana (Second Showing)


Solo Premiere Leitersburg MD 5/24/18

Troopers arrived between 430-530pm and we were shown to a private room upstairs to change and leave our bins. At 6pm, we hung out in the lobby waiting for people to arrive for the first showing. Traffic was a little slow until 7pm, but then there were plenty of people coming in and we posed for many photos and selfies. After another hour or so everyone was in the theater and the lobby emptied out, so we headed back to our room to de-kit. The theater graciously provided us with free tickets to one of the evening shows. A quick troop, but a fun one! Thanks to GC troopers for coming out and supporting this!

– Total Number of hours worked: 2

OLG Troopers:
Jess Wedlock – TK

Visiting Garrison Troopers:
James Welsh – TI
Sarah Welsh – TD
Nick Mummert – TI
Cayla Amsley – SL
Josh Fite – TI
Taylor Boone – RL

Stacy Mummert
Heather Fite

Photos taken by Heather Fite


Free Comic Day at Third Eye Comics 5/5/18

The 10th anniversary of Third Eye Comics was a spectacular event with Imperial citizens crowding the parking lot of Third Eye Comics new bunker location on the forest moon not far from the Imperial Capital, the size of their new facilities rivaling the Death Star’s main hangar. The Third Eye Comics staff were very supportive and provided considerable space for the Garrison to suit up, ensuring we were also well caffeinated, fed and kept hydrated throughout the morning and afternoon. As a result, Garrison members were ready to deploy on time and greet the long, orderly line of eager Imperial younglings and their enthusiastic parents already formed up and receiving their free comic books. We were even treated to a scene reenactment from The Last Jedi shortly into the event, between our GA Praetorian Guard, Ollie, and a young Rey that entertained all the attendees. The crowds stayed consistent throughout the morning thinning out by noon. Although I’m sure our desert dwelling denizens wouldn’t have minded; but fortunately for our armored troopers, the day remained overcast and temperatures were moderate with the rain holding off until near the end of the event.

– Total Number of hours worked: 3
– Money Raised (if doing BAT/Auction/etc): $0
– Photos submitted

Troopers: (List troopers in alphabetical order)
OLG Troopers:

– Nick Dinko Tk
– Neil ID Director Krennic
– Rob D BH Boba Fett
– Ryan IC
– Jesse Lynch DZ
– Bob Metcalf TI
– Jesse J. Pollock, III DZ
– Matt Sullivan SL Reven
– Cheryl Thomas ID
– Bill Thomas IN
– Thomas Wyatt TK

Visiting Garrison Troopers:

– Dan Dinko
– Lisa Dinko
– Derek Lynch
– Angela Saldana

Galactic Academy:
– Ollie

Orioles Star Wars Night- Baltimore 5/11/18

We started arriving at 2:30pm and were shown to a room where we were to change and store our belongings. At 4 we were all ready and headed down to take photos with stadium staff and families.
Gates opened at 5pm and we spread out around the picnic area where only fans with tickets were allowed to enter. Posed for photos until 7pm then went back to room for undress. Team had food waiting us when we got there. Most ended the night there, a few redressed and went to the “kids corner” to pose for more photos.
– 4 hours trooping

Event lead:
Jason Pangborn

OLG troopers:
Christopher Hecht – TX
Derrick Meade – TI
Jacob Stottlemyer – TK
Lexie Luhrs – TX
Matthew Ely – AR
Rob Cross – SL
Tynan Loughran – TK
Scott Lyons – TD
Stephen Bauchan – BH

James Tate
Pat Talbott
Theresa Meade


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