Event Round Up, May (Part 2)

June 21st, 2017

5/13–Maryland Walk for Williams Syndrome, Potomac

We arrived at 9:30am, along with a clan of Mandalorians and a Clone trooper (patiently awaiting his 501st approval), and quickly suited up. The rain moved the opening events, but we were warmly greeted by organizers, parents, and these special kids. Smiles, hugs, and high-fives were plentiful. We posed for many pictures, including with the MOCO Fire Department (Clark was not on duty with them). We departed at 11 to attend Elijah’s Memorial; the Mando clan remained to the delight of the walkers.

Bill T. – IS
Cheryl T. – ID

5/18–Greenbelt Middle School Spring Concert, Greenbelt

Troopers showed up between 5pm and 6pm and went to the staging area.  Our handler didn’t make it, but Melissa was a great help getting Boba and the TK situated. Brit’s son, Daniel, was there as well and helped out by holding our staging area keys and taking photos/videos during the event. There was a minor hiccup when Brit realized minutes after arriving that he had left part of his costume at home. He had enough time to go home and retrieve it and return with enough time to get ready (all before Fett was finished suiting up, sigh…lol). The concert organizer stopped by the room to thank us and bring us pizza and soda. We discussed the plan for the concert and went to the gymnasium for a brief walk-thru. We arrived at the location at 6:30 and began greeting incoming guests and patrolling the gymnasium. At 7 pm we met with the orchestra students. Melissa and Britt led the students into the gymnasium while Bill and Bryan brought up the rear. We paired up one armored character with one officer and stood guard at each side of the orchestra. During student solos we walked over and flanked the performer. The orchestra conductor thanked us and the 501st during the performance which was really nice. Once the concert was over, we posed for photos with the students, parents, siblings, etc. and had many smiles and laughs. We headed back to the staging area at about 8:30pm and got unsuited, talked about how much we love OLG and what we do, and even watched a little bit of Star Wars on the SmartBoard. We departed at approximately 9:30pm. The event was a great time for all and the school was very appreciative.

Melissa – ID
William – TK
Brit – ID
Bryan – BH

Daniel Hopper

5/19–North County High School Music Night, Glen Burnie

All OLG troopers arrived and suited up; we were joined by a clan of Mandalorians and a teacher dressed as Vader. We patrolled the parking lot, posing for pictures and talking with the guests. When the rain started, we moved inside and continued mingling. As the orchestra finalized their setup, we lined up with Vader. As the Orchestra played the theme to Star Wars, we all marched in and lined up in front of the musicians and were showered with camera flashes. We marched out, got changed, and left to enjoy a meal together at 8:45.

Bill T – IS
Cheryl T – ID
Melissa R – ID
William R – TK

5/20–Winfield Elementary Spring Fair, Westminster

It was great being back at this event this year. This time most of the activities were outside. (We had rain last year.) They had bouncy castles, a DJ, a bake sale, a book sale, food, a silent auction, vendors, games, police & SWAT gear, and martial art demos. Kat from the MMCC was kind enough to join us. We suited up early and were able to support the early opening for special needs kids. After taking pictures with most of the kids, Matt E. and Kat headed out for the Hagerstown Suns game. Matt M. and Aidan stuck around until 2pm.

Matthew M – TK
Matthew E – TC
Aidan M – IC

5/20–Anne Arundel County Library Comic Con, Odenton

Troopers arrived at 10 and began mingling with guests and library staff. This was a fairly large event, taking over both floors of the library. The library had several planned activities as well. Our troopers had a chance to display their creativity at one of the crafts tables.

Bob delighted the attendees with his R2D2. Some of the kids were a bit rough on poor R2, but their parents brought them in line, and no permanent damage was apparent. We were soon joined by a rebel soldier and Anakin/Kit Fisto. Nick looked impressive as ever in his TK ( has to be one of the best TKs in the GA – and he has some impressive autographs adorning his kit too!); his mom, Lisa, was a great Squire, and made many parents VERY happy by allowing them to have their picture taken with the troopers…oh yeah, and their kids.

This being a Comic-Con, attendees of all ages were there showing off some impressive cosplay. While it went quickly, it was a long event. We concluded by bringing up the end of the costume parade (a Boba Fett cosplayer had a good sound system in his jet pack and played the Imperial March). We said our goodbyes, and departed at 3pm with big smiles and sore feet.

Bill T – IS
Cheryl T – ID

5/20–Hagerstown Suns, Hagerstown

Everyone arrived around 4pm and were immediately greeted by event staff. They led us to the admin building where they let us use a conference room (stocked with drinks) to change. Gates opened at 5, and we spent a lot of time greeting guests as they came through the gate. It was Star Wars Day at the ball field, so there were plenty of kids dressed up as well. We participated in a lot of photos.

Before the game, we joined the local Boy Scout troop in a march around the field, then throughout the game we mingled  with fans and took more pictures. Most of us wrapped up shortly before the game ended. The weather was amazing, perfect for an outdoor troop

Brian – FOTK
Jess – TK
Tom – TI
Matthew – CC

5/20–Baltimore Take Steps Walk for Crohn’s & Colitis

We arrived by 0730 in the parking lot, got changed and headed to there Kid Zone by 0800.  We hung out there for a little while and then walked around and engaged people as they slowly rolled in from the enrollment tent. At 0930, we participated in the group World IBD Day picture which was May 19th.  At 0940, opening ceremony began. By 1000 the walk began, which stretched 1.5 miles along the water front. At 1100 we packed up and called it day. The weather was perfect it was a beautiful day perfect day for a troop weather was about 72 with a very cool breeze coming off the waterfront. After the walk, we had a conversation with one of the board member for CCFA who was thrilled we were there, wanted to know more about the 501st, and how to get us to attend the walks in PA, DE, RI, CA, and OR.

Melissa – ID
William – TK
Stephen – TK
Rob – TK
Jim – Vader
Bobby – Kylo (GA)



5/21– Cystic Fibrosis Walk, Bel Air

This ended up being a nice little event with good trooping weather. We all arrived between 8 & 8:30 and occupied a corner of the parking lot, since there was no changing area. The event organizers were happy to have us there and provided us with water. We were suited up and ready to roll at 9, first taking pictures at the registration table before moving down the hill to the main area. There were a couple tents and vendors set up, as well as Star Wars themed cornhole boards. Despite their reputation, team TK did manage to hit the board and win a round. We mingled with the crowd and took pictures with lots of people until the walk finally began around 9:40. After the walkers had left, we stayed for another 20 minutes or so before suiting down. Afterwards, there were bagels and coffee to be had at Einstein’s, as well as a brief debate over the merits of TFA with some other patrons. Special congratulations go to Jeff for his first troop!

Chris – TR
Devin – TB
Pat V – TK
Jeff Reyor – TK

5/21–Frederick Great Strides Walk, Frederick

We arrived at 10:00 and were shown to an area at the back of the band shell to change. The event sponsor was very excited to have us there again. We got ready and then headed out to mingle with the crowd at 11:00. There has been great progress in treating cystic fibrosis over the past several years and this walk was one of many across the country aimed at keeping that progress going. A little after noon, it was time for the walk to get started. Our TKs and the Mandos did their best to participate in the warm-up, to the delight of some children who couldn’t help but point and laugh. The Empire needs to solve the TK mobility issue, right after we fix that whole thermal exhaust port on the death star mess. We released Han Solo when the walk began and took our place behind a a group with Darth Vader themed shirts who walked with one of their members in costume. Our progress was slightly impeded by many curious citizens who stopped us to take photos and ask about the walk. Near the end of the walk, we encountered a young lady on a photo shoot for her quincienera and posed for a few photos with her. When we returned from the walk, one of the Mandos mysteriously disappeared and we were joined by a TIE Reserve Pilot. We continued to entertain the crowd and dance with some younglings. While the donation period for this walk doesn’t close until 12/31, our hosts announced that this walk had already raised $130,000. When the crowd started to thin out, we grabbed some snacks and headed back to the changing room at approximately 13:45.
Jess Wedlock – TK
William – TK
Melissa – ID
Marc – Mando/TI
Jess – Mando
Dave – Han Solo

5/25–NASM The Force at 40, DC

[place holder]

5/27–Washington Nationals Star Wars Night, DC

Wow! That was a fun event! Thanks to everyone that could make it out. While we did get a few light showers, the lower temperatures made up for it! A lot more people were able to troop the entire game. (That was over six hours in kit!) The Nats did a great job of taking care of us again. They let us into the shop early to buy swag this year. They also brought us Chewbacca coozies. (I had to use mine on Memorial Day…) As usual, they brought in drinks, sandwiches, and most importantly cookies. The guys delivering cookies received loud cheers when they arrived. This year, they had a security person assigned to each team along with one intern for every two teams. This made it much easier for us to get around. They also helped keep us on schedule. Thanks again to everyone that made this event a success!!!

Jess Wedlock – TK
Eric Grubb – TB
Bryan Curtis – Boba
Anna Mitchell – Jango (GT)
Chris Williams – Montross (GT)
Bria LaVorgna – ID (GT)
Phil Gastilo – TK
Justin Strait – SL (GT)
Solomon Odom – TK (GT)
Kate Walsh – DZ (CG)
Brian Robinson – TK (GT)
Ben Jen – TK (GT)
Emily Schram – Rex
Dieter Jobe – (GT)
Jason Pizzino – DZ (GT)
BJ Brown – ID (GT)
Matthew Morley – TK
Melissa Ralph – ID
William Ralph – TK
Anna Mac Adams – Director Isard (GT)
Catherine Evans – DZ (GT)
Josh Orr – TR
Scott Huls – TX (GT)
Drew Brasfield – TK (GT)
Virgil Bauer – TK
Sean Timmothy Waites – TK
Stephen Bauchan – TK
Charlie Mann – TI
Charles Singer – FO TIE

Sabrina Odom
Stacey Pizzino
Patrick Talbott
Kelly Bauer
Natalie Bauchan
Kevin Lackie

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