Trooper Spotlight #9: Marc Wasserman

August 30th, 2015
Marc Wasserman

Legion Number:
TI 99500

Member Since:
Feb. 2015

Primary Costume:

Other Costumes:
Imperial Crew

Legion/Garrison Offices Held:

Favorite Event:

Awesome Con (never gone as…well any approved character, 501st or MMCC) But it’s where I was introduced to the Legions and that got me started on my journey.  I look forward to attending this year as both a member of the 501st and the MMCC

Most Memorable Trooping Moment:

Kid hugging me and telling me I was his favorite charachter

First Contact with the 501st Legion:
Awesome con 2014.  Spent a good 20 minutes talking Legion stuff with Shep.

Reason for Joining the 501st Legion:
Fun fandom, fun people, fun hobby

Favorite Star Wars________:

I read A LOT of expanded universe books when I was in middle school and high school and my favorites have always been “I, Jedi” and The entirety of the X-wing series.  I re-read those books (11 in total) about once every 2 years

Favorite Star Wars Character:

Probably supposed to say Boba Fett since I’m a Mando at heart and the TIE pilot is a way to join the 501st and get more trooping opportunities.  But I love Girk ‘the Face’ Loran from the X-wing series of books.  Great sense of humor and a great Charachter.  If I ever have the time and money to build an R2 droid I’m putting a compressed air cylinder in there so it can shoot out beer cans

Other Hobbies:

Watching TV, palying Video games, reading.  But the MMCC and the 501st have started taking up a lot of my free time and I have no reason to complain about that.


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