Trooper Spotlight #4: Emily Schram

June 21st, 2015
Emily Schram

Legion Number:
CC 9529

Member Since:
June 2012

Primary Costume:
Captain Rex, Phase 1

Other Costumes:

Legion/Garrison Offices Held:
GPR (2013)
Detachment Merch Team

Favorite Event:

My favorite event is Bowie Baysoxs Baseball’s SW night. It was my first event where I stayed in kit for over 6 hours. I’ll never forget meeting my first ‘Mini-Me’: a tiny child dressed as Rex. We discussed the finer points of the DC pistol and took photos. He and his mom thanked me, but I bet that made more of an impact on me than him. Still one of my favorite memories.

Most Memorable Trooping Moment:

My wedding. Eight of my fellow garrison mates and my favorite R2 made the procession more memorable by standing at attention while Dad walked me down the aisle to the Imperial March. I was fine the entire day until I saw Boba Fett and then cried like a baby. Those lads helped bring my girlhood wedding fantasy to life.

First Contact with the 501st Legion:
Many moons ago, I went to Philly Wizard World and met Garrison Carida. Jason let me try on his Commander Cody helmet. After that I knew I had to have a costume and it was going to be a clone. Thanks to Jason, I’m now the proud clone Lady Rex!

Reason for Joining the 501st Legion:
I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I was just knee-high to a grasshopper. Once I found out you could pretend to be an action figure AND help out the community and charities, I had to be a part of it.

Favorite Star Wars________:

Movie: A New Hope. For the longest time, that was the only SW movie I knew of and it immediately caught my attention.

Book: Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn. Extremely fun to read, it kept me loving Star Wars after the Special Edition came out and before the Prequels.

Video Game: Battlefront II. I’ve spent countless hours playing against good friends and my husband. Naturally, I’m always the GAR. Galactic Battlegrounds is a close second… as is Republic Commandos. Oh and SW:Legos…


Favorite Star Wars Character:

Captain Rex, obviously. He was the first clone to really strike me as more than a mindless robot bread for battle. I love his sense of purpose, courage, and loyalty to his brothers and commanders. He’s the epitome of what it means to be a soldier, a clone, and a brother.

As a kid, I was always in love with Vader and Boba Fett. Even young, I loved a man in a bucket.

Other Hobbies:
I’m an artist. The 501st has given me the opportunity to put my talent to use designing merch, logos, and forum graphics for garrisons and detachments. And it takes up a lot of my ‘free time’.

When I’m not doodling, I love playing Magic the Gathering with my husband, visiting breweries, and the Gettysburg Battlefield.

501st Membership Frame

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