Your 2015 Old Line Garrison Command Staff

February 25th, 2015

Legion Elections have come and gone and starting on March 1st a new Commanding Officer will be taking over the reigns of Old Line Garrison.

So Congratulations to Matthew Morley (TK 4108) who will be the new Commanding Officer.

Listed below are the fellow troopers that have been selected by our new Commanding Officer to help the Garrison out for the next year:
Executive Officer: Bryan White
Garrison Events Coordinator: Rob Davis
Deputy Garrison Events Coordinator: Josh Graham
Garrison Membership Liaison: Jason Suchodolski
Garrison Web Liaison: Emily Zalewski
Web Master: Charles Mann
Garrison Merchandise Officer: Eric Grubb
Garrison Public Relations Officer: Allen Shepherd
Garrison Charity Liaison: Emily Zalewski

Once again congratulation to Matt Morley and the 2015 Command Staff and Good Luck!

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