The Force is strong with this one…

July 27th, 2011

Old Line Garrison congratulates Max Page on his induction as an Honorary Member of the 501st Legion!

Young Max, who rocketed to stardom after appearing in a 2011 Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial as the miniature Lord Vader, has been inducted into the 501st Legion as an Honorary Member.

When Lucasfilm, Ltd. approved the use of licensed properties for the commercial, they sent a specialist to the set to train young Max on the finer points of Force maneuvers to ensure authenticity. Since that time, Max’s favorite thing to do is to demonstrate those techniques to anyone willing to learn.

Old Line Garrison, along with members of Garrison Tyranus, enjoyed trooping with young Max in Washington D.C. this past Monday, July 25th, at the Family Advocacy Day event, hosted by the National Association of Childrens Hospitals. Max was provided with a guard detail of Stormtroopers for his appearance at the event as he took the stage to show the conference attendees how to properly use The Force!

Congratulations, Max!

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