Event Round-Up, July

August 6th, 2018

North Point Library SW Night – Dundalk 7/16/18

We arrived at the location and were led into a conference room area that served as both our changing room, and the room that the event was to be held in. We suited up and the crowd was led into the conference room. After some words and trivia from our host, we were introduced to the crowd. Jesse got up on stage and spoke a bit about the 501st Legion-OLG and what we do, as well as what goes in to making our costumes. After a brief Q&A session, we took pictures with the guests. Troopers: (List troopers in alphabetical order)

Jay Lizek – ID
Jeremy Bender – DS
Jesse Pollock – DZ

Galactic Academy
Jake Bender (CDZ)

Bryan White



Family Fun Day Carnival – Columbia 7/21/18

We arrived at the church and were led back to the infants and toddlers room which served as our secure changing location. The pre-event festivities ran a little over so our host asked us to wait a little while longer before coming out. Once we walked out into the area, we patrolled the floor and took pictures with the guests, as well as answered questions about the 501st. The kids seemed to be having a good time with the bounce houses and participating in the games. But I got the feeling that the adults were a little more excited to see us. As the event started to wind down, we headed back to our changing area for some refreshments provided by our host. We returned to our civilian clothes and exited the premises.
– Total Number of hours worked: 2
– Money Raised (if doing BAT/Auction/etc): 0
– No Photos taken at the event.

Troopers: (List troopers in alphabetical order)

Bill Thomas
Cheryl Thomas
Jay Lizek
Jesse Pollock


4th of July Parade – Laurel 7/4/18

This was a nice parade weather was perfect cool 80 with very low humidity and a nice cooling breeze. We arrived between 9/9:30 checked in at 10:00AM and was dressed and inline by 10:30. We took pictures with local parade participants Mission BBQ, and Sweet Frog. Parade started at 11:00 by 11:20 we where on the move as we marched down the 1.32 mile parade handed out candy with the help of our galactic academy cadets and Jim’s daughters who wore very fashionable star wars dresses. We also took pictures and greeting parade watchers with the weather being so nice there was a great turn out.

Hours Worked: 3 hours

Event Lead:
Stephen Bauchan – BH

Jim – SL
Mike Perkins- TD
Yvonne – BH

Natalie Bauchan

Galactic Academy:
Olivia – ID
Keira – TB
Trevor – Jawa



July 4th Celebration – Washington DC

Oh my stars… where do i even start??? This was the most fabu troop that i have done at a hospital!!!
With this troop being held in DC on July 4th, I was advised by a friend who lives in DC that leaving early would be the best bet to getting into the city with less hassles due to closed roads, reroutes, and traffic delays. I advised the group of this info and passed on the suggestion of leaving by 10am in order to arrive by 3pm. This was super early. We all arrived at the hospital parking garage by 215p. I called the contact and she said that we were welcome to come on up. We had to go thru security for ID checks to get visitor badges. The group of people that i was working with as contacts for Childrens National came down to greet us. It was wonderful to put faces with the names that I had been speaking to for the past month.
The hospital provided our own dressing room complete with en suite loo. Food was lovely catered sandwiches, cut fruit, crudités, chips, cookies and sweets, loads of water, and juice boxes. At 4p, they wanted us to eat and fill out the 2 waivers and then suit up by 630 for the troop. The Marvel DC cosplayers were very late due to the traffic. Luckily, they got there in time for the start of the event.
We were led out to the Bunny Mellon Memorial Garden on the rooftop of the atrium. It was so pretty! You could see for miles and there was buildings surrounding us so the sun wasnt going to be an issue. It was sweaty tho. Yikes.
Outside, there were bubble machines to dance in. They also had a stereo system playing a lot of dance tunes. There were craft tables and fun projects for the kiddos to do. We were popular with most everyone there. The Stanley Cup was around the hospital somewhere that same troop time. Miss USA was with our group visiting the kiddos too.
At 830p, we were asked to please wrap up and go change so that we could join everyone back on the rooftop for fireworks. It was the most fabu spot ever! We witnessed a zillion fireworks for sure. Apparently, 3 states can be viewed from our spot. The skyline was lit up for about 40 min.

Number of hours worked: 2

Money raised: none

Photos: submitted to olg pr email

Bill Thomas- TIE
Emily Schram- Captain Rex
Kate Walsh- Jawa

Jason Pangborn

Jason Pangborn


SIDASAURUS a Tribute to the Thomas’s -Rosedale 7/28/18

So all our gang showed up well with in the 1 hour before the troop and met in a parking lot and greeted one another. We then proceeded to talk to a very helpful person who gave us the use of a garage to change in. We all suited up with the help of our squires. We were then introduced to the crowed by the emperial March and walked to an area to where we could have pictures taken with anyone who wished for one. There was some marvel and DC comics favorites there to help as well. About an hour in we presented Sidney with a portion of Star Wars toys that would bring 50 portions on Jaku. He and his mother were very pleased by this gesture. Then the Mighty Kylo Renn did something very touching by giving young Sidney his light saber this got an immediate hug. After all the presenting we patrolled for a bit longer took a few more pictures before saying farewell. This was a very rewarding troop.

  1. OLG
    Charles Singer-TD
    Jeremy Bender-SL
    Rob Heck-TD


    Money raised
    Not sure to the amount. 


#ECSTRONG Festival – West Friendship 7/28/18

  • Troopers arrived between 10 am and 11am. We set up tents to change and hang out in. Troopers got dressed and patrolled the fairgrounds and manned our PR table. Posed for pictures and interacted with festival attendants. Everyone had a great time. At 3 pm we broke down camp and dispersed.
    – Total Number of hours worked: 4 hours
    – Money Raised: $27
    – Pictures are everywhere and I believe PR already has them


    – Bob TI
    – Chris TX
    – Corey TB
    – Emily CC Rex
    – Eric
    – Jason ID
    – Lexie TX
    – Matt AR
    – Mike
    – Ryan IG
    -Thomas TK
    – Warren TA


    – Arthur
    – Patrick

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