Event Roundup, 4/20-5/1

May 5th, 2016

Carroll County Special Olympics, 4/20

Wow! What great weather for this outdoor event! Both our troopers and the athletes had a great day. It was wonderful to get such open and honest appreciation from everyone at the event! This is definitely a must-do event! Our Garrison Events Coordinator, Matt Morley (TK 4108) had a unique troop, as his son Ian brought home two gold medals!  Special thanks go to Thomas’s parents, Jess (MMCC), Raymond (MMCC), and our friend, Mike Leek, who watched over our mini-mando while Jess was trooping. We also made the local paper again: http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/news/local/ph-cc-special-olympics-carroll-county-20160420-story.html

Matt – TK
Thomas – TK

Jess – MMCC
Raymond – MMCC

Thomas’s Parents

Mini-Mando Handler:
Mike L.





Creator Con, 4/23

There was a little more to this Con than we expected! There were plenty of artists and vendors, both in the cafeteria and the halls. We had a PR table set up, but most people were wondering what we were selling. Several visitors actually talked to us as though we were selling armor! That said, we did have a number of conversations where people were really digging what we do.

Chris B. – TR
Devin – TB
Phil – DZ
Chris – TK (GT)
Ryan B. – DZ (GA)

Cg1nIxJWkAEcZbj.jpg large


Autism Walk & Expo 2016, Gettysburg, 4/23
Great troop for an even greater cause! The central theme of this troop was teamwork. We had members from four different garrisons attend this event: Carida, Corellia, Old Line, and Tyranus. As always, Jason’s R2 was definitely the star of the show, providing entertainment for everyone. :D Also, thank you to John for his excellent squiring and photography.

The event itself was excellent. The weather was a little cool and damp at the start but that did not dampen the spirits of those running or those coming to the event. Our host was very gracious and thankful for having us there. We were provided a well sized, secured, and private changing room. We were also provided bottled water as well as vouchers to use for food from any of the vendors. Since the weather was so nice by the afternoon, we went back out for one more round of photos after eating lunch.

James S. -TK
Catie S. – Jawa
John M. – Squire

James W. – TI
Sarah W. – TD
Emma – Jawa
Jesse – Squire
Alana – Squire

Old Line:
Emily – Rex
Matt – TK
Jacob – TK
Jason – R2

Sean – Squire



Spring Fling, Clarksville, 4/30

Melissa and William Ralph were welcomed with much enthusiasm from Mrs. Varson and her husband who were in charge of the event. It started off a bit slow with a few pictures here and there, but quickly blossomed into a mob of smiling faces from both young and old when they saw us. There were a couple of food trucks, some bouncy house type rides, a rock wall, and laser tag. As they started to patrol outside Melissa and William shed their newbie shyness and participated in a cake walk and “shook it off” to a little Taylor Swift (don’t let Vader know). The DJ even played a little John Williams for us. Congratulations to Melissa and William on their first troop!


Frederick Keys Star Wars Day
Wow! This event turned out to be larger than we expected! With all the Star Wars groups, we had about 35 people there in costume! The weather was nice and cool, so we didn’t have any heat problems. We setup our table along with RL, DCSWCC, and Thomas. (Special thanks to our new squire, John, who manned the table for most of the game!!!) We then started trooping in the picnic area. A few folks were able to go on the field for the first pitch, while others got to parade around the outside of the field. About the time the game began, we started roaming the stadium. All and all, it was a great troop!  Special congrats to Stephen on his first troop!

Thomas – TK
Leonard – DZ
Matt – TK
Warren – DZ
Delaney – BH (GA)
Devin – TB
D. Bickel – Boba Fett (GC)
A. Bickel – Ahsoka Tano (GC/GA)
Mike – TK
Chris – IN (GT)
Jacob – TK
Stephen – TK (First Troop!!!)
Emily – CC

Sean (GT)


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