Event Round Up, 5/13-5/14

May 20th, 2016

DC United Star Wars Night, 5/13

DC United worked with us and treated us great. Everyone arrived around 4pm, and we were escorted to the Mascot changing room where DC United provided us water, sports drinks, chips, and granola bars. We were able to walk around before anything started up, which was great being able to go on the field before the game. Then everyone suited up by 530 and we headed to the fanzone. It was a little slow to start, but once the crowd started to come in it was non-stop photo after photo. The crowd loved us and DC United seemed happy as well. Emily and a Jedi got to escort the person flipping the coin. Josh and Shep got to escort the ceremonial kicker after that. All in all a great night. Also in attendance R2DC, Terrapin Base, Kyrimorut Clan, and Jedi Saber.

Shep – IG
Emily – Rex
Josh – TI

CiZEnInUYAA4I8m.jpg large

Fundraiser for the Harford Co. Sheriff’s Benevolent Fund, 5/14

This was a small, fun troop for a good cause.  In February, two Sheriff’s deputies were killed in the line of duty, and the community has rallied since then to raise money for the families left behind.  In recognition of this effort, our troops (including R2) wore black and blue striped arm bands.  Donations were collected in a Darth Vader-shaped bucket, and the relatively small crowd contributed $300 for the Benevolence Fund.  Throughout the evening, a handful of families showed up with a huge group of kids to the church’s multipurpose room. The grill was serving hamburgers and hot dogs to go along with the popcorn and other snacks, all of which they kindly offered to us. The kids were making balloon animals, lightsabers, blasters, and other creations…many of which ended up as totally approvable modifications to our costumes. ;-)  We danced to some tunes played by DJ R2 and played with the kids for about an hour and a half. There was also occasional Star Wars trivia and a kid’s costume contest.  We were assisted by Jason, R2, Amy, and Brian, who was visiting from the Alaskan Outpost.


Emily – CC
Chris – TR
Devin – TB
Charlie – TI

Jason – R2




AA Co. Library Comic Con, 5/14

This was a solo troop for Charlie, TI 386, who got things going at  10:00am.  There was plenty of room in the parking lot initially, but when he left at 11:45am, all spaces were filled, and there were people parking along the curbs, just like the mall at Christmas time! The library also brought in staff from the Severna Park branch. There were several rooms with different activities, and many tables spread around the perimeter of the library with comic book authors, artists, and even Third Eye Comics (a frequent haunt for OLG) had a table! There were also some superheroes with a very muscular Spiderman, Deadpool, Optimus Prime, and Grant from the Charm City Ghostbusters.


Dolphin Fun Fair, 5/14

Most people arrived around 11am to be dressed up for the fair. We took lots of pictures and were able to roam around as kids did the obstacle course , moon bounce, and generally had a blast.  We all went to lunch at Champs afterwards with the exception of Matt, Jason, & Charlie who moved on to their next troop. The Dayton Oaks Elementary PTA was so thrilled with our appearance, that the plan on making a donation to charity in our name.


Randy – TFA TK
Charlie – TI
Stephen – TK
Doug – TK
Matt – TK
Leonard – DZ
Mike – TB
Jim – SL

Jason – R2

Galactic Academy

William – Biker
Charlotte – Jawa
Kiera – Jawa
Trevor – Jawa


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