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Postby Icingsolo » Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:30 pm

Hello OLG,
I am Jeremy Solomon. I have been a fan of Star Wars since as long as I can remember and I've been indoctrinating my children with as much Star Wars as possible. One of these days I hope to get something together so that I can join you in your trooping; I currently live all the way down in Lexington Park, MD. Now that Halloween is over I can focus a bit more on making me something and a little less on making the kids stuff; although at 5'6" I'd be a bit short to be a trooper :) so we shall see what I can come up with.
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Re: Hi

Postby Thumper » Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:32 pm

Welcome Jeremy! First up ... awesome Lego SW costumes for the kids. The indoctrination goes well and you have a nice talent that will help you in this hobby.

I'll be the first but others will echo me ... you can start taking part in events as a handler/helper, or as we tend to refer to them ... squires. Our command staff can make sure you've got info on events and you can come out, meet some of the members, talk the talk, and help out.

Its also easy to get started with a few standard costumes. The easiest is an Imperial Crewman. There are some modifications to be done to jumpsuit and a few other parts to pick up or make, but you can get into the 501st with a decent costume that will only cost you about $200. Its also good because it can be the base for a few other helmeted costumes giving you the flexibility to helmet up when needed or to take it a little easier and help out other troopers, all the while maintaining an Imperial presence.

There's a lot of info to offer, so much that it would be overwhelming. I'll leto others offer their advice and point you in a few directions. In the meantime, throw out any questions you want and someone is sure to have an answer ... or know where to find it.

Welcome again! :D
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Re: Hi

Postby Fettski » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:13 pm

Echo... Mark you are spot on. The Lego costumes are awesome!!!!
Imperial Crew is a great place to start, flight suit, boots, belt and a hat and you're in. Add a helmet and you are a Imperial Naval Trooper, bib and a different helmet and now you are a Imperial Gunner, add a different helmet, chest and back armor and chestbox and you can be a Tie Pilot(gloves and compad will be needed but you get the point).
If you really want to be a Stormtrooper, your height will not keep you from achieving that either. I am the Garrison GML and that means I am the one who looks carefully at submission pics to make sure your costume meets the standards. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the forum, if you need me specifically, PM or email me at OLGGML@gmail.com and I will be happy to help.
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Re: Hi

Postby Dragon-Fett » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:29 am

Howdy and welcome, GREAT costumes. I echo as well what Mark and Jason said. As for your height, I for one welcome that! You will give the proper perspective to my Vader unlike the damn 6'4" Stormtroopers who usually troop with me, lol *Joke*
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Re: Hi

Postby TR2101 » Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:20 pm

Welcome Aboard. I agree with everything that they have stated above. If you need help or have questions feel free to ask.

And hope to see you out at our troops and squiring! :)
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Re: Hi

Postby Icingsolo » Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:11 pm

Thank you for your responses. I have reviewed the events calendar and it appears most events are a bit of a hike from where I am. I will work on the logistics with the wife to make it to the Toys for tots event in Havre de Grace. I won't have a 501st costume for that event, but I'll help however possible (assuming my CO aka wife, approves). Since it's a Toys for tots event perhaps I could bring my dress blues :)


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